Body-Environment through Focusing

המשך קריאה What is body?
where the body begins and where is it end?photo

המשך קריאה Where does a felt sense arise?

המשך קריאה Is the environment is what I know that surrounds me or is it what I have interaction with?

המשך קריאהCan my body be environment too?

There are many questions we can ask and exploer about these 2 terms: Body & Environment. Through the practice of wbf I found it is a very profound way to feel conact to something that is bigger than us and we are part of it. we can feel conact to a whole body sense which is a sense of a body that is wider than the skin envelope.

In "Process Model", Gendlin distinguishes between 4 kinds of Environments. When I read it I felt immidatly how I know thos new observations from the practice.

In wbf We see great importance in creating a space in which the focusing process will occur and eill be carried forword. Like the gronded presence which constructed the process are the foundations of the great life process itself. Already there – at the entrance to the space, expansion is possible for me out of myself. Within the connection between my whole body environment in which it is right now.

The border between the two often blurred, and the concept of "I" is not something that stays fixed and known.Body-environment become one as a movement. Mutual actions happened, and I can not dichotomous isolate myself from what surrounds me. It is like external point of view becoming possible, which are also, in the same breath, internal.

In the workshop I'm going to give at "Cambridge conference", we will explore these foundations Gendlin sets in chapter 1 of "the process model", through the practice of WBF.

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